Return policy, Engine warranty & break-in instructions

Engine Warranty & Returns Policy

Absolutely no returns without prior written approval from VMB… (please contact us first).

All returns (except for warranty claims) must be in new condition and are subject to inspection with a 20% re-stocking fee.

Customers are responsible for return shipping fees, & we can not refund any prior shipping fees.

It is the buyers responsibility to judge their own mechanical aptitude before purchasing any of our products…(especially engine kits). We are not responsible in any way if you damage it trying to install it.

Engine Warranty Policy…

All new engines are warrantied from manufacturer defects within the first two weeks of being delivered.

All new engines prior to use must be thoroughly checked for any loose bolts or screws… (especially the small crank shaft gear & engine sprocket).

All 2-stroke engines must be ‘broken in’ using 24:1 gas/oil mix for the first two gallons, & then changing to 32:1 after the ‘break in’ is complete, using quality 2-cycle oil… (DO NOT USE SYNTHETIC OIL FOR ENGINE BREAK IN).

All new engines must be ‘broken in’ by riding the bike using no more than 75% throttle for the first 100 miles.

Never ‘break in’ a new engine while standing still… (It must have air flowing over it to keep it cool).

Any failure to follow these instructions may cause engine failure, poor performance & will void your engine warranty.

If you have any other questions about the engine break in process?, Please ask us before starting your engine.

If you do not understand & accept these conditions?, Please do not buy it.