70cc (80cc) Fully Ballanced Black ‘PK-80’ 2-Stroke Bicycle Engine Kit


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Product Description

We are proud to offer our new improved ‘PK-80’ 70cc (80cc) black 2-stroke bicycle engine kit.

Our new 40mm X 47mm (69.4cc) PK-80 engine kits come ‘fully ballanced’ from the factory & are the smoothest running engine kits currently available on the market today! (These are the same engines that we start with to build our race winning engines)! 😉

Our engine kits will make your bicycle go approximately 35 MPH & get about 80 MPG (when installed & tuned properly), & can easily go 45+ MPH with the addition of a few simple high performance parts.

Our engines have the modern ‘slant plug’ heads for higher compression (& added frame clearance) & are painted in a durable black ‘high temp’ finish.

Our kits come with everything you need to completely transform your ordinary bicycle into a fuel efficient motorized street machine!

Our kits are 100% street legal in most states & you can download the CA-DMV license plate application right from our website… Please check with your local police for your state laws!

Yes we ship to California addresses… Sorry but we won’t ship to PO boxes, (only actual home or business adresses)!

It is the buyers responsibility to carefully judge their own mechanical ability to safely install (& break in) this kit before purchasing it!!

Please read our Engine Warranty Policy before purchasing. 🙂